Hank Aaron Born Feb05


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Hank Aaron Born

1934 – Hank Aaron Born
Henry “Hank” Aaron was born on born February 5, 1934, in Mobile, Alabama. Aaron would become one of the greatest players in Major League baseball history but his greatest moment came when he broke the home run record of Babe Ruth on ¬†On April 8, 1974. He would eventually be named to the Baseball Hall of Fame on August 1, 1982. For more information on Aaron, see his profile on greatblackheroes.com.

1990 – Barack Obama named President of the Harvard Law Review
Columbia University graduate and Harvard University law student Barack Obama became the first African American named president of the Harvard Law Review.
1950 – Birthday of Natalie Cole
Singer Natalie Cole, daughter of legendary singer Nat Cole, born in Los Angeles, California. Singing professionally at age 11, by 1976 Cole had won Grammys for New Artist of the Year and Best R&B Female Vocalist.